Why Prof. Ogwang Snubbed NBS TV  Interview : Covidex Founder Says His Life Is In Danger

Why Prof. Ogwang Snubbed NBS TV Interview : Covidex Founder Says His Life Is In Danger

By Simon Abaho

Thousands of NBS Viewers were Tuesday morning left puzzled as they waited for a live interview which was to air during the Morning Breeze show today, in which Prof. Patrick Engeu Ogwang, the founder of the Covidex, was to enlighten the world about the miracle drug that is said to be used used in the treatment of COVID-19 .

The Interview was to be broadcast live from Mpererwe at the Professors’ home, with Mildred Tuhaise the host, who is a senior news anchor at Next Media, shooting him questions.


However, a few minutes to the start of the interview the NBS TV team received bad news from the Professor’s Personal Assistant (P.A) only known as Rebecca, who came on air and told them that Prof. Ogwang would not be able to make it for the interview, although she didn’t give a specific reason why he had decided to snub the interview.

This website has however established that Prof. Ogwang had all reasons to cancel the interview, after allegedly being accosted by a life-threatening situation.

It’s said the professor had received a call from ‘Above’, directing him not to take the interview.

“I’m very sorry to be telling you this but the professor won’t be taking the interview as per the directive from above,” said Rebecca.

But while this is happening, the Professor is also facing pressure from the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), whereby the University administrators claim that they partly own the patent of the herbal medicine, something the Professor refutes.  According to sources privy to the matter, MUST administrators base their claim on the fact that Prof. Ogwang is a lecturer at MUST and used the University’s resources during his research.

Dr. Warren Namara, the Chairman of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, said during an interview with journalists on Monday that  they will not lose ownership of the Product since they believe they have a hand in the success of the project.

“The Intellectual Property Right is co-owned by the Principal Investigator (Product Developer) and the Institution in which they work. Prof Ogwang should be supported to do smart clinical trial and if there is any observation of serious side effects, the medicine should be stopped all the way,” Dr. Namara said.

The struggle between Prof. Ogwan and Must has since left everyone in the public and media asking who really owns the Covidex formula.

However, following the impasse, Prof. Ogwang took to twitter and posted the following message, which we have learnt has since been deleted;

My task at hand is to save Ugandans. I’m not greedy of money. That’s why I will never fight with the University for ownership of Covidex. I would have loved to make it for free if the government fully supports my work.”

He added that; “My sincere apologies to the media fraternity, I am unable to engage in interviews until further notice.”

Prof. Ogwang’s tweet about the battle with MUST over COVID ownership


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