Promoter Sipapa Finally Parades New Lover  After Being Dumped By Serena Bata

Promoter Sipapa Finally Parades New Lover  After Being Dumped By Serena Bata

By Ivan Mwine

Controversial city music promoter Charles Oryem, who is popularly known as Sipapa, is nowadays enjoying the warmth of a Muslim babe only identified as Shamirah.

Moles reveal that Sipapa, who is known for driving recklessly and with impunity, hooked up with Shamirah in 2020  and since then they have been enjoying themselves without fear or favour to anyone.

Actually, the Moles intimate that although they are  yet to legalise their relationship, Sipapa and Shamirah are said to have a child already, whom she produced last year.

Sipapa’s new catch Shamirah

Shamirah is nowadays the closest thing to Sipapa’s heart and he spends of her unsparingly, according to Moles.

However, before hooking up with Shamirah, Sipapa was dating a budding musician only identified as Brown Sugar, who was signed under his promotional company Sipapa Entertainment.

But along the way Sipapa and Brown Sugar developed love woes that rotated around domestic violence, which ended up in their bitter split.

Brown Sugar was however not  the first woman to  suffer Sipapa’s ruthlessness because before her there had been another singer under his management identified as Serena Bata.

Sipapa’s former lover Brown Sugar shows off her wounds after he brutalised her

During their heydays Bata and Sipapa used to live under the same roof as man and wife, whereby he was catering for all her demands, including paying for studio time.

But Moles reveal that his relationship with Bata ended in tears after he reportedly turned her into a punching bag of sorts, a situation she ensured for long time until she  couldn’t stomach it anymore.

Serena Bata with Sipapa, Henry Tigan and a Pal, that was before she dumped him

So after swallowing millions of his punches and slaps for a long time, Bata one day woke up and fled the house Sipapa had rented for her somewhere in Kira division and since then they no longer cross paths.

However, Bata was so emotionally devastated by Sipapa that later after recovering from  the depression and heartache she suffered  at his hands, she rushed to studio and released two songs titled  ‘Single & It’s Ok’, plus ‘Ebisenge’ which were both huge hits.

We just hope against all odds that it doesn’t end in tears for Shamirah the way the case was for Bata and Brown Sugar.

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