Proud Father Moment: Ugandan -American Actor Shares Reveals How Daughter Ended Up On Hit Show

Proud Father Moment: Ugandan -American Actor Shares Reveals How Daughter Ended Up On Hit Show

By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

Although she is barely five years old, Mother Nature seems to have ‘connived’ with fate to make her follow in her famous father’s footsteps.

On Sunday night Ntare Guma Mwine, 53,  Ugandan-American actor, took to Facebook to share a heartwarming story of how his daughter ended up on the popular show; The Chi.

Ntare Guma with his daughter when she was still a baby

The handsome veteran actor who has appeared in films like Blood Diamond and shows  like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, wrote a lengthy post detailing how his daughter stepped in the shoes of an uncooperative child actress after he convinced the director that she  would be a decent substitute, not knowing that she would make a superb actress at her tender age. Here is what Ntare says about her;

“Full circle.

They say that children come bearing gifts when they are born. This was certainly true with my daughter. The very next day after she came into this world, I was hired to play the role of Ronnie on The Chi.

Three years later while we were filming episode 309 of The Chi we hit a bit of a roadblock. The original child who had been hired to play Ronnie’s grandchild was simply being a toddler and wanted nothing to do with being on set, having to follow instructions in front of a bunch of strangers looking at her.

Given the state she was in we were clearly not going to be able to shoot the scene the way it had been written and we were also at risk of falling behind schedule trying to figure out what to do.

Ntare Guma’s daughter has since become a celebrated actress

I mentioned to our esteemed director Alonso Alvarez Barreda that my daughter is the same age as the young girl they hired and that maybe she could step in if the current situation was going to work. His eyes lit up and he asked how soon could my daughter get to set.

That’s how my personal and professional life aligned once again and came full circle in episode 309 and the season finale of #TheChi .

Tune in now and next Sunday on Showtime for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable final two episodes of season 3 of The Chi and to see my lovely daughter!”

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