Queen Mother Best Kemigisa’s Wedding Message For Princess Komuntale Shocks Batooro

Queen Mother Best Kemigisa’s Wedding Message For Princess Komuntale Shocks Batooro

By Ivan Mwine

We revealed this week how Tooro kingdom princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale was officially united with her lover Phillip Amooti in holy matrimony.

The couple held a magnificent private wedding ceremony in Texas, USA, which was attended by Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, the Queen  Mother Best Kemigisa and a few  members of the royal family.


Shortly after the wedding, Queen Mother Best Kemigisa decided to send the newlywed couple a very warm congratulatory message.

However, Kemigisa’s congratulatory message for the Princess and her husband has since left many eyebrows raised especially amongst her followers on social media, mainly because of her hair-raising grammar.

Here below is Kemigisa’s message which she wrote on Instagram; “Congratulations to my beautiful daughter, Princess Ruth Komuntale and His Husband Phil Anthony. I thank God for making this day a success…”

Queen Mother Best Kemigisa’s congratulatory message for Princess Ruth Komuntale and hubby Phil Amooti

She added that; “Special gratitude to Mayor David Hillock of the City of Little Elm, TX, his Wife Beth Hillock, and the Diplomats that joined us to celebrate this great victory. To the newly wedded couple, Best wishes on this wonderful journey as you build your new lives together.”

Many of her followers on social media, especially Batooro, have since been left wondering why she had to mistakenly refer to ‘her’ husband as ‘his’ husband.


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