Qute Kaye Dumps Baby Mama Pretty Glo, Hooks New Babe

Qute Kaye Dumps Baby Mama Pretty Glo, Hooks New Babe

By Ivan Mwine

You all know about once popular musician Ivan Kavuma aka Quite Kaye, who was some time back nabbed stealing lights, although he was later rehabilitated.

Well,  at the time Kaye was arrested for stealing car lights he was cohabiting with his baby mama Pretty Glo, who was at one time a singer.

Quite Kaye with his new babe

Moles reveal that Kaye hooked up Pretty Glo during the time when she was still a budding musician and promised to promote her music career but along the way he ballooned her.

Together they started hustling to raise their kid because music was not going through for them and out of the frustration it is said Kaye resorted to drug abuse, which drove him into stealing car lights such that he could buy a high.

Pretty Glo

Although Pretty Glo was there  for Kaye through the troubles he suffered, latest info from our Moles indicates that he has since dumped her and hooked up another babe, whose warm bosom he is enjoying these days.

Although the Moles are yet to identify Kaye’s new babe, we are told that she is somewhat older than her and that the  two have since moved in together, meaning that he no longer has time for Pretty Glo.

Pretty Glo as she looks now

This is rather a bittersweet story, because whereas Kaye is reportedly enjoying bonking marathons with his new babe, Pretty Glo is struggling to raise their tot; but watch this space for details.

Pretty Glo as she looked a few years ago


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