Qute Kaye’s Baby Mama Pretty Glo Regrets Using Drugs

Qute Kaye’s Baby Mama Pretty Glo Regrets Using Drugs

By Ivan Mwine

There are several Ugandan musicians whose music careers have been destroyed by substance abuse and one of them is once promising female artiste Gloria Ingabire aka Pretty Glo, who is faded singer Ivan Kawuma alias Qute Kaye’s baby mama.

Pretty Glo, who was a few years back pursuing a colourful music career, lost it along the way after she got introduced to  drug abuse by Qute Kaye,  who had promised her heaven on earth.

Pretty Glo as she looked before drugs had taken a toll on her

Besides introducing her to drug  abuse, Kaye also produced a child with Pretty Glo, although he has since abandoned both mother and child, according to Moles, a move that has seen her endure hell on earth.

Moles now reveal Pretty Glo is regretting why she ever ventured into substance abuse and prays that no other Ugandan, whether musician or not ever suffers the same predicament as she does.

As if to make her feelings known to the whole world, Pretty Glo recently wrote on her social media platforms thus;

“I very well know that I made a mistake by making my life a living hell when I choose to do Drugs……Yes am one of the victim so what now? Acceptance, Forgiving myself and loving me then strive to be better…….#Attention Attention..#Addiction is da new #HIV…..So watch out…….”

Pretty Glo’s message has since attracted lots of empathy and sympathy from hundreds of her fans on social media, with many of them calling upon her to be strong and not give up on life.

Meanwhile, it should be noted  be noted that Qute Kaye, who was rehabilitated from the same drug problem by pastor Robert Kayanja, has since abandoned Pretty Glo with their child and hooked another babe, with whom he is enjoying life as she languishes in dire poverty and depression.


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