Rabadaba Ready To Settle In UK After Many Years Of Visa Denial

Rabadaba Ready To Settle In UK After Many Years Of Visa Denial

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan rapper Faisal Sseguya aka Rabadaba is jubilating after his efforts to settle in the United Kingdom finally yielded fruits.

Moles in London reveal that after several fruitless attempts at securing a visa in vain, Rabadaba is nearing his dream of becoming an official UK citizen, thanks to his wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

Rabadaba has since gained lots of weight, thanks to Nalongo Maggie’s good care

It should be noted that Nalongo Maggie is a nurse in the UK and  flew Rabadaba to the Queen’s land shortly after their wedding  last year.

Moles reveal that since he has not gotten a job yet,   Rabadaba stays indoors looking after the kids when Nalongo Maggies goes to work.

Rabadaba with wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi

According to Moles, Rabadaba sometime back tried to join his ex-wife and baby mama Sheila Ferguson who live in UK but failed after several visa rejects.

However, his luck came when Nalongo Maggie hooked and married him off after she had fallen out with her former lover singer Grenade, an opportunity Rabadaba took advantage of to change his life for the better.

It is no wonder that Rabadaba, who was a few years back a very skinny rapper, has since gained lots weight and nowadays looks like a broiler, thanks to the good care he receives from Nalongo Maggie.

Nalongo Maggie is the widow of late singer Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK47, who died a few years ago following a brawl at a bar  that was owned by Team No Sleep  (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa.


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