Raging Hatred For Banyarwanda, Westerners Sparks Off Fear Among Ugandans

Raging Hatred For Banyarwanda, Westerners Sparks Off Fear Among Ugandans



By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

For the past   few months there has been increase in the volume of hate-related content on social media directed at people who are deemed to be President Yoweri Museveni’s supporters, especially Ugandan Banyarwanda and Westerners.

Unfortunately, some Ugandans  who are eager to see president Museveni out of power after the January 14 elections, perhaps as result of misinformation or genocidal hatred, continue to portray Museveni as a foreigner,  despite him making it clear he is not one.


However, security observers contends that this growing sentiment amongst some Ugandans has stirred anger towards Banyarwanda and this has sparked off fear amongst many of them.

The increasing anti-Banyarwanda/Westerners sentiment has left some Ugandans on tenterhooks, with many wondering what will happen in the event Museveni leaves power.

That anxiety dramatically  increased recently when pro- Bobi Wine riots broke out  during which some goons eager to make a quick buck started harassing and beating up people they assumed to be from western Uganda or Banyarwanda.

One of the people who didn’t want to be identified  found themselves on the receiving end of misplaced anti-Museveni/Banyarwanda anger, told ExposedUganda.com of how on her way home to Kira, she was ordered out of her car, asked to sing any Bobi Wine song and pay the hooligans money before they could allowed to drive through their roadblock.

The young lady from Kiruhura, who is in her mid-twenties, instead started singing a Bebe Cool song which irritated them and they started beating her.

By the time she reached home she was bruised and bleeding but her family were happy to see at least alive.

Another Ugandan, who only identified himself as Martin, a medical professional and a Mukiga from Kanungu, who is a member of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), told ExposedUganda.com  that people from western Uganda and Banyarwanda who possess national identification cards and yearn for change too might be forced to have a major rethink.

This is a tweet from one of the concerned Ugandans

“It’s bad that some misguided Baganda youth started beating up people from western Uganda and using their social media accounts to share inflammatory  messages. This is bad. We want Museveni out but some of these young people who can’t see the whole picture are harassing people they think might be Museveni supporters. They will make people scared of change,” Martin said.

Leading opposition activist Frank Gashumba, one of the prominent members of Umubano, an organisation that brings together Ugandan Banyarwanda,  might have got concerned by the shocking WhatsApp message that has been making rounds on social media in which the speaker encourages people to go to homes of Banyarwanda and stab them.

On Saturday night, the MALI group boss and staunch National Resistance Movement (NRM) critic, shared his now famous video in which he talks about how every time he says something he is reminded that he is a Munyarwanda.

ExposedUganda.com has learnt that Gashumba and others will hold a press conference on Tuesday to highlight the problem.

In a video clip that was posted on his official social media platform, Gashumba explains how Ugandan Banyarwanda pay taxes like other citizens, have intermarried with all tribes in Uganda and are Ugandans who should be treated fairly.

It should however be noted Bobi Wine’s wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi aka Barbie is one of the most prominent and celebrated Ugandan Banyarwanda.


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