Raging Sodomite: How SMACK HEADMASTER Aganyira  Was Nabbed Pants Down Drilling Teacher’s Bum

Raging Sodomite: How SMACK HEADMASTER Aganyira  Was Nabbed Pants Down Drilling Teacher’s Bum

By Ivan Mwine

All parents with children at St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) have all reason to fear for their safety  or at least the safety of their bums.

This  is because the headmaster of the school Bro. David Aganyira has been exposed as a raging sodomite, who was  some time back nabbed red-handed drilling the bum of a school he headed.


Aganyira made headlines a few days ago after he appeared in the news for assuring National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine that his son Solomon Kampala cannot be a prefect at SMACK because he is a slow learner.

Bro. Deodat Aganyira was nabbed pants down with a junior teacher

Well, it has since emerged that Aganyira, who has been SMACK headmaster since 2014, has  a very dark history.

According to acidic blogger Fred Lumbuye, a story is told of Aganyira was in 2009 caught pants down Sodomising a fellow teacher at St. Edwards Bukuumi, in Kibaale district, where he was headmaster at the time.

Moles privy to the matter reveal that Aganyira, a senior member of the Brothers  of Christian Instruction (BCI)  had kept his  sodomy secrets for years until on Wednesday 1st April 2009, when God decided to expose him.

Bro. Deodat Aganyira at SMACK

On the fateful day, the house of the deputy Headteacher of St. Edwards Bukuumi, Constance Nanyondo, was burnt to ashes and the arson was disguised as a riot, whereby it was claimed that the rioting students are the ones who had set it ablaze.

Investigations into who could have burnt Nanyondo’s house and what their motive was kicked off but somehow hit a dead end and the file was closed.

However, it should be noted that a week earlier, Aganyira had been nabbed  sodomising  teacher, an act that was so shameful.

Bro. Deodat Aganyira

On being nabbed, pictures were taken of  them naked, seated on the bed they were sodomising each other and videos recorded.

However, since Aganyira was the headmaster, the pictures were presented to the deputy headteacher Nanyondo, for a way forward.

In great shock, Nanyondo immediately called for a school board meeting where all this evidence was presented and the board resolved to immediately suspend Aganyira from the position of headmaster as the investigations commenced.

Nanyondo was then tasked by the school board of governors to report the matter to the Archdiocese in Kampala.

Shamed Bro. Aganyira and his bonkmate seated on their love-bed after being nabbed

But while she was away,  suddenly her house got  burnt down by the purported rioting students.

It  however emerged later that Nanyondo’s house had been burnt by people who thought she had stowed the evidence of Aganyira’s sodomy acts therein and hence sought to destroy  the same.

The investigations, according to Moles, ended up pointing in Aganyira’s direction after detectives failed to pin the students who allegedly burnt the house  but because of his connections to then Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura,  the police poured water on the file and soon it went cold.

Actually,  Kaihura  reported told his boys to ignore the case file,  concentrate on other urgent matters and ordered Aganyira to be reinstated as headmaster, even when he had been suspended by the school board of governors.

Left homeless, poor and at opposite ends  with her boss Aganyira, Nanyondo decided to seek redress in the media by taking the evidence to Bukedde in order to expose his perverted sexuality.

It is said that she handed the videos and pictures to then Vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga to broadcast them on Bukedde TV, publish them in Bukedde newspaper and the New vision.

However, through his connections and state machinery, Aganyira managed  to silence the Vision Group and the story never saw  the daylight.

In a bid to cover up the scandal, New Vision instead twisted the facts and circumstances under which Nanyondo’s house had been burnt, by also picking up the fake  story  of rioting student. You can read the New vision of Wednesday 3rd April 2009.

Aganyira was after some years  later transferred from St. Edwards Bukuumi to SMACK  as headmaster, despite the fact that the Catholic Church is aware of his raging appetite for sodomy.

Before joining St. Edwards’ SS, Bro. Aganyira had served at St. Henry College Kitovu, Bishop Comboni College, and St. Charles Lwanga Kasasa.


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