Ramathan Ggoobi Replaces Muhakanizi In The New Reshuffles By Museveni

Ramathan Ggoobi Replaces Muhakanizi In The New Reshuffles By Museveni

By Simon Abaho

Last evening the President made reshuffles among the Permanent secretaries of ministries, in the process some were dropped and others were transferred to a different ministry.

These, included the Long-serving former PS  of the Ministry of Finance, Keith Muhakanizi who has been replaced by the Makerere University Business School (MUBs) don Ramathan Ggoobi.

“By virtue of the Powers given to the President by Article 174 (2) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I hereby, appoint the following as Permanent Secretaries,” Museveni said.

In the transfers announced on Thursday evening, Keith Muhakanizi has now been sent to the Office of the Prime.

Keith Muhakanizi has been at the helm of the leadership at the Ministry of Finance as the Permanent secretary since being appointed by the President in 2013. He has been known as a no sense man as we have always seen in his interviews on Television and when it comes to service grilling of other permanent secretaries. He was also the secretary to the treasury for all the period he was at the ministry.

Ramathan is a policy analyst, an economist who comes in this position with vast knowledge in accounting, planning, economic development as he has a lecturer of Economics at Makerere Business School(MUBS)

He has also played a vital role in coming up with the NRM manifesto for the year 2021/2026. He was part of the 14 man committee to draft the manifesto.

It is also said that his appointment may be due to the influence of the Presidents brother Salim Saleh who has worked with Ramathan Ggobi closely on different occasions.

“To H.E the President, thank you for the trust in appointing me to serve in this noble office. To the people of Uganda, thank you for the support and love. To the world, this simple boy from Butambala believes in economics that works and hates accountability without results,” Mr. Ggoobi tweeted Friday morning.

“I think this country has all it needs to get to another level and transform. The challenge has been in the way we deploy our resources and in the way we execute the projects we choose to execute,” he added.

According to Ggoobi, it is possible for Uganda to transform into a middle-income country if things are done right.

He has never hesitated to speak his mind and critic the performance of the economy and what he believes the leaders in power should being for the rise of the country’s economic performance.

Let’s hope he can do as he has always promised since he has the powers in his hands now.

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