Rapper Kyd Sway Outs New Inspirational Jam ‘Gold Chain’

Rapper Kyd Sway Outs New Inspirational Jam ‘Gold Chain’

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated American rapper Kyd Sway has dropped a new hip—hop jam titled ‘Gold Chain’, which comes ready with the official lyrics video.

A typical story of a ghetto youth hustling to survive amidst numerous challenges, Kyd Sway’s ‘Gold Chain’ is a very inspirational song with soul-touching lyrics.


Compacted with lots of positive vibes, ‘Gold Chain’, which premiered on YouTube on January 18, 2022, is bound to take Kyd Sway more places than he reached last year because it doesn’t contain any explicit content.

Anthony Lockhart, popularly known by his stage name Kyd Sway, is a musician from Sacramento, California that is signed to Black Market Records.

The name Kyd Sway stands for ‘Kill Your Demons and Save What Alters You and is an acronym he created that reflects his life and music.

When he was young, Kyd Sway was always around music and that was what sparked his interest to become a musician and one day he got an opportunity to create a song at a friend’s studio, which helped birth his music career.

“One day I happened to go to a homie’s house and I just hopped on, I was like Yea, I really like this and had like a calling, it was just something that came naturally,” states Kyd Sway.

He worked on his craft for years to create an authentic style that fits his originality by combining a fusion of Indie rock and rap that has its own unique musical experience.

“When I first started, I was really hard on myself; I was like maybe this sucks because I can’t find another artist to compare it to, but then I had to get over that,” the singer narrates how he nurtured his music career.

 He has outed a number of famous songs like; ‘Live Fast Die Young’, ‘Love Hurts’, ‘Night Mares’, ‘blue Icee’, ‘Love Me Blind’  plus several others.


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