Reaping Big Or Tough Times: Former Vision C.E.O Kabushenga Resorts To Peasant Life

Reaping Big Or Tough Times: Former Vision C.E.O Kabushenga Resorts To Peasant Life

By Ivan Mwine

Robert Kabushenga, the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Vision Group, has left many of his collegaues wondering whether he is reaping big from farming, or he has resorted to peasantry in a bid to make ends meet.

We recently revealed on this website how Kabushenga’s Rugyeyo Farm in Wakiso District had been invaded by huge rats that were destroying crops and property until he waged a vicious war against them.
Robert Kabushenga picking coffee beans

Well, we can ably report that after fighting the ‘World War’ against the rodents, Kabushenga is nowadays happily harvesting produce from his vast coffee plantation, as he waits for President Yoweri Museveni to save him from the burning ‘Katebe’.

Actually, Moles intimate that although some time back Kabushenga used to hire farm hands to do menial jobs like harvesting, picking coffee, clearing the banana plantation etc, these days he does such himself, perhaps to save an extra coin.

Serious Farmer: Kabushenga carries away his harvest in a sack

As if to prove to all and sundry that he no longer enjoys  the comfort of air conditioned offices but instead prefers to get dirty in the mud, he over the weekend posted pictures taken when he was picking coffee from his plantation.

Dressed on a grey farm overall, Kabushenga, who  some time back used to often be clad in designer suits and stylish jeans, is seen carrying a sack as he picks coffee beans.

He shared the snaps with the following caption;

“We of @RugyeyoFarm are proud to be a part of this Ugandan coffee journey. It is a national duty we are proud to do. We will do it many times over @CoffeeUganda.”

Well, we wish Kabushenga all the best in his endeavours, because like the Bible says, you reap what you sow!

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