Recho Ray Parades Sumbie For  Queen Sheebah

Recho Ray Parades Sumbie For  Queen Sheebah

By Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated diva Sheebah Karungi’s secret admirer Recho Ray, who is also a popular singer, seems to be on a mission to lure her on by flaunting her sexiness.

This comes after Recho Ray, who recently confessed that she is into doing fellow girls and that she has a thing for Sheebah, shared very tantalizing snapshots of herself on social media.
Recho Rey parades her Sumbie

In the said snaps, Recho, who is dressed on hot pants, is seen flaunting a seemingly soupy Sumbie that rests like a huge rat within her River Between!

A popular dancehall artiste, Recho Ray, who is known for hits like ‘Bwogana’, ‘Kigwa Lero’, ‘Gweno Daawo’ and others, stunned many of her fans and followers a few weeks ago when she declared that she will not record any music until she enjoys a joyous bout of exhilarating sex!

True to her word, she hasn’t released any song since then, as if she is still waiting for Sheebah.

Watch this space for updates about Recho Ray’s strange  and wild sex life!

Sexy diva Sheebah Karungi chillaxing

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