Remah Succumbs To Penalty Again, Conceives Second Born For Dr. Ssebunya

Remah Succumbs To Penalty Again, Conceives Second Born For Dr. Ssebunya

By Ivan Mwine

Life is all about jubilation for celebrity couple Remah Namakula and her hubby Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, after news filtered in that she is expecting a second child.

Moles reveal that Remah, who always has a child with Ssebunya, is counting down months before she drops another child for him.

We are told Remah is already doing all preparations like shopping and ensuring that she goes for antenatal care regularly such that she is not taken by surprise when the time for child birth comes.

Remah spots a baby bump as she hugs hubby Dr. Hamza Ssebunya recently

As a result of her current situation, Moles reveal that Remah has since decided to cut down on her bookings such that she reduces the pregnancy stress that may arise as a result of pressure and anxiety from  events organisers, especially wedding planners.

Remah and Ssebunya are in jubilating mood

Remah hooked up with Ssebunya, who was her gynaecologist, after she had separated with her former lover  Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo, a celebrated musician with whom she has a daughter identified as Amaal Musuuza.

Following her separation with Kenzo, Remah decided to take Kenzo’s daughter Amaal with her and she is raising her with Ssebunya as the stepfather and when she gives birth, she would have added a third member to her lovely family.

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