Residents In Fear After 15 Bodies Are Dumped In Their Village

Residents In Fear After 15 Bodies Are Dumped In Their Village


By Mable Nakibuuka

Hundreds of residents of  Kayabwe village, in Mpigi District, are living in untold fear after yet-to-be identified people dumped 15 remains of dead bodies which were exhumed from somewhere.

According to the residents, the bodies, which are wrapped in bark clothing, were dumped by unknown people who transported them using a vehicle and after dumping them they quickly drove off, before reburying them.

“The people who dumped the bodies brought them at night and they started digging holes in which to bury them. However, when they realized that residents had become concerned and were asking questions, they quickly boarded their car and drove off,” Maria Nakanjako, a resident of the area said.

Stranded locals staring at the bodies that were dumped in their village

She added that later, they called the police to go and collect the bodies such that they can be taken to the mortuary but that the police hadn’t arrived at the scene yet.

But preliminary investigations indicate that the bodies were transported from Kivu Cell, Kisozi Parish, in Kyengera Town Council, Wakiso District.

When Rev. Paul Nsubuga, the owner of the land where the bodies were dumped was asked about the matter, he denied having knowledge about the people who had done the despicable act, saying he had already notified the police.

“I wonder who could have done such an evil act. I have already handed the matter to the police and they are doing investigations,” Rev. Nsubuga said.

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