Revellers Furious After Zari’s Party At Pearl of Africa Hotel Flops Badly

Revellers Furious After Zari’s Party At Pearl of Africa Hotel Flops Badly

By Ivan Mwine

Socialite Zari Hassan is sulking after the private party she had organized at Pearl of Africa Hotel on Sunday  flopped miserably.

Zari, who is based in South Africa, flew into the country on Friday, ahead of the private party which had been dubbed ‘Fr33dom Pool Party’.

Moles who were are the venue reveal that the organization was superb, tables and chairs were plenty,  plus there were all tribes of drinks and snacks but the revellers were nowhere to be seen.

The posta advertising Zari’s Fr33dom Pool Party

Tables at the party were selling at Shs5M for VVIP, Shs3M for VIP and Shs1.5M for Normal but only a few revellers managed to pay the Ssh1.5M tables while the others remained very empty.

In the same  vein, only a few revellers managed to pay Shs50,000 for the entrance tickets.

We are told that when Zari reached the venue and realized that it was empty, she told the DJs to switch off the music and told the revellers that the party had been postponed to another date that will be communicated.

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Some of the few revellers who had bought tickets and tables were left seething with anger but because of the tight security at the hotel they could not express their anger.

We have since established that many of the revellers Zari expected to be at her party had instead gone to attend the roast and rhyme festival that had been organized at the Jahaz Pier in Munyonyo.

However, it is not yet clear whether Zari is to announce a new date for the party or she will just fly back to South Africa to be consoled by her new lover Sangoma GK Choppa.

Watch this space for details because Moles reveal that the flopped party  landed Zari in huge debts especially on the side of service providers.

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