Rickman Admits He’s No Competition For Ruger Over  NBS TV Star Gashumba

Rickman Admits He’s No Competition For Ruger Over  NBS TV Star Gashumba

By Ivan Mwine

NBS TV Sheilah Gashumba has caused untold emotional turmoil in the life of Ugandan singer Derrick Dungu aka Rickman Manrick, whom she hooked up after dumping her ex-lover Marcus Ali Lwanga aka  God’s Plan.

We recently revealed how Gashumba shared a hotel room with Ruger when he was in Kampala for concert, leaving Rickman home coiling alone in their bed.

Rickman tweeted a photo of Ruger and Gashumba with the caption; ‘I don’t care anymore’.

After their rendezvous in Kampala, Gashumba traveled with Ruger to Kigali, Rwanda, where she reportedly shared a hotel with him again, under the pretext of working as the Public Relations manager for his shows.

Well, after all her rendezvous with Ruger, Rickman,  who seems to have resigned to fate because he is not the one in control of their relationship, has since come out to declare that he cares no more about whatever she does.

As if to exhibit his resignation to fate, a dejected Rickman tweeted a photo of Ruger and Gashumba together in Kigali which he captioned; ‘I don’t care anymore.’

Rickman with Sheilah Gashumba enjoying a romantic moment some time back

The same Rickman had a few days earlier on tweeted thus;

 “Let her shine, let the worlds see how bright she is, let the world see how intelligent she is. Don’t deem her light because of your insecurities. Life is a journey and every soul has its own path. Shine on young queen the rest is background noise.”

However, going by  his latest decision not to care anymore, it seems Rickman has since changed his mind or seen the light regarding his relationship with Gashumba.

As usual, all you got to do is watch the space for updates !


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