Rickman Manrick In Tears After Gashumba Spends Night With Nigerian Musician Ruger

Rickman Manrick In Tears After Gashumba Spends Night With Nigerian Musician Ruger

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan singer Rickman Manrick is shedding buckets of because his relationship with NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba seems to be headed for disaster.

As you read this, word coming in from Moles indicates that  Rickman is so sad and blue after spending a cold Friday night alone, while Gashumba was reportedly out merrymaking with popular Nigerian Michael Adebayo famously known as Ruger of the ‘Dior’ fame.


It should be noted that Ruger flew into the country on on Thursday night to  perform at a concert dubbed ‘We Outside’  which is to be held today, Saturday, at Dungu Resort.

Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman snogging

Moles reveal however that a meet and greet party was held on Friday night at a top city hangout, where Ugandans, among them Gashumba, got an opportunity to rub shoulders with Ruger.

It is said however that the party that started early  continued till the wee hours of the morning  and   instead of returning to the apartment which she shares with Rickman, Gashumba, who is the host of the concert, opted to spend the entire night out, entertaining Ruger privately.

Moles reveal that after the party, Gashumba, instead of returning to Rickman’s arms, decided to spend the entire night merrymaking with Ruger  without any fear or favour for anyone.

It is not yet clear what time Gashumba returned to their apartment on Saturday  to prepare for the concert but what’s most touching is after realizing that   there was nothing he could do, a dejected Rickman took to Instagram and shared a picture of Gashumba and Ruger seated together which he captioned; “What would be your last words on earth?”

Rickman’s public expression of his feelings left many of his fans sympathizing with him and others encouraging him to take heart.

It should be noted that Gashumba hooked up Rickman early last year following her split with socialite Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan, whom she was cohabiting with at Speke Apartments.

Prior to their hookup, Rickman was based in Sweden where he was trying to eke a living as footballer although things didn’t work out for him.

He however later decided to relocate to Uganda such that  he can ably enjoy his relationship with Gashumba and build  his music career, although little did he know that she would treat him the way she did with Ruger.


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