Rickman’s Gashumba Enjoys Steamy Moments With Nigerian Star Ruger In Rwanda

Rickman’s Gashumba Enjoys Steamy Moments With Nigerian Star Ruger In Rwanda

By Ivan Mwine

If there is anyone who is having sleepless nights currently then it is singer Rickman Manrick, because of his randy girlfriend Sheila Gashumba, who is a host at NBS TV.

 This comes after Moles revealing that Gashumba traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, with celebrated Nigerian musician Michael Adebayo Olayinka popularly known as Ruger, with whom she enjoyed steamy moments.

Sheilah Gashumba in Kigali with Ruger and his entourage

According to Moles, Gashumba travelled to Rwanda with Ruger, who staged a concert   in Kigali on Saturday, which was greatly attended.

It is said however that the TV star shared the same hotel with Ruger during the time he was in Kigali, leaving Rickman coiling alone in their bed in Uganda.

Gashumba was close to Ruger all the time

It is not yet clear what exactly they did while in Kigali but Moles reveal that is that the way Gashumba tight-marked Ruger left many of her followers on NBS TV with countless unanswered questions on their lips.

It should be recalled that Gashumba reportedly shared the same hotel with Ruger when he was in Uganda for a concert last week.

Rickman has spent several days without tasting Gashumba’s lips like this

Pictures of Gashumba cruising away in Ruger’s car flooded social media and it was not long before rumours started flying from all over that she had sauntered into his hotel room in the dead of the night.

However, the saga comes at a time when Gashumba’s ex-lover Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan recently opened a can of worm by exposing all the men whose Zubras she has swallowed during the 26 years she has been on earth.


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