Russia-Ukraine Frontline Shifts As  U.S Congress Targets Warmonger Putin’s African Allies

Russia-Ukraine Frontline Shifts As  U.S Congress Targets Warmonger Putin’s African Allies

By Ivan Mwine

There is likely to be a shift in the frontlines of the Russia- Ukraine war after the U.S Congress resolving to shift focus onto Vladmir Putin’s allies in Africa.

The Congress wants to move a resolution to issue sanctions on all Putin’s allies in Africa in a bid to further weaken the ruthless Russian warmonger.

 The US Congress is tackling Russian influence in Africa as the continent emerges as a key battleground in the western campaign to punish Putin for his invasion of Ukraine.

Russian war in Ukraine has caused a lot of destruction

With the six-week-old conflict dominating foreign policymaking in Washington, the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday 5th April voted on 11 separate bills targeting Russia, following a congressional delegation to the Ukrainian border in Poland last month.

In addition to legislation to ban Russian participation in the G7 and investigate alleged Russian war crimes, the committee also advanced a bill requiring the State Department to develop a strategy to counter the “malign influence and activities” of Russia and its proxies in Africa.

“For several years now, the Russian Federation has used various means, including unaccountable private military contractors, embedded political operatives, and disinformation troll farms, to conduct malign activities throughout the continent of Africa,” said committee Chairman Gregory Meeks, who sponsored the Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act. It should be noted that Uganda is one of Russia’s loyal allies in Africa and if the sanctions are issued by the U.S Congress then chances of the country being affected by the same remain high.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Russia expected to increase “violent and coercive” measures in an attempt to suppress the Ukrainian population, said the UK Ministry of Defence in the latest intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine.

The British defence ministry on Tuesday said in a statement the Ukrainian civilian population in the Russian-occupied cities continued to demonstrate against the Russian control.

It has also been noted that Russian efforts are being ‘subdued’ and hence, Putin’s forces might increase violent measures.

The British Defence Ministry said, “The Ukrainian civilian population in Russian-occupied cities continues to protest against Russian control. Russian efforts to subdue the population by manipulating the media, spreading propaganda and installing puppet, pro-Kremlin, leaders have so far failed.”

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