Rwanda First Daughter Bounces Back After Intense Online Criticism

Rwanda First Daughter Bounces Back After Intense Online Criticism


By Kwame Isma Nkurunziza

Rwanda First Daughter Angie Kagame, 27, has lived almost all her life in the public realm but that doesn’t mean the towering mother of one takes all the criticism that comes her way in a  stride. At times it becomes overwhelming for her. Over the weekend she posted an innocent photo of her with a friend on a night out.

Hours later online forums geared towards Rwandans were bombarded with hostile comments by people accusing her of wasting taxpayers’ money on luxurious goods.
Ange Kagame and her hubby snogging

In the photo the smiling beauty is seen holding what looks exactly like a designer hand bag by Hermes which can retail from $20000 upwards.

Ange Kagame (L) with a pal

Ange must have noticed the barrage of not so friendly comments because on Sunday she posted a message about people who try  to control other people’s happiness, something observers interpreted as the First Daughter’s not so subtle way of responding to her critics.

President Paul Kagame with daughter Ange Kagame and son Ivan Cyomoro

It should however be noted that even her brother Ivan Cyomoro has in the past been the subject of intense criticism from his father’s critics, especially those based abroad who accuse him of wasting meagre state resources on buying fancy gadgets reserved for the superrich, and purchasing posh houses in the US, while people his father Paul Kagame rules in Rwanda wallow in soul-crashing poverty.

Ivan Cyomoro with a pal in America

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