Rwandan Blogger Taunts Kigali With UPDF Achievements

Rwandan Blogger Taunts Kigali With UPDF Achievements

By Our Reporter

A popular Rwandan blogger is taunting the authorities in Kigali  by singing praises for the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) by orchestrating all the achievements the Ugandan army has attained  for the time it has been in existence.

A few  hours after State House officials posted photos of President Yoweri Museveni dressed in full military uniform during the pass out 4325 soldiers at Kaweweta Recruits Training  School, on Monday,  RPF Gakwerere the   undercover Rwandan government critic who is known to use his popular Facebook page to strongly criticise high profile figures in Rwandan government and even the opposition, posted photos  of  the Ugandan President at the ceremony.

Museveni in the bushes with some of the UPDF officers

However,  the blogger could not resist another opportunity to taunt the government in Kigali. He started his message by writing that “bino bye biluma abayaye bekigali”, roughly meaning this is what ‘bothers the lumpens in Kigali’. He went on to write about what else had happened at the event.

RPF Gakwerere’s post about UPDF achievements

Uganda and Rwanda relations have suffered in the past with Kigali accusing the government in Kampala of allegedly harassing, arresting and torturing Rwandans, on top of supporting elements linked to Rwandan dissidents like Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Rwandan businessman Tribert Rujugiro, who want to overthrow President Paul Kagame’s government.

Some of the UPDF soldiers at Kaweweta Recruits Training School

Authorities in Kampala in turn accused Rwandan security officers of kidnapping Rwandan refugees on Ugandan soil and forcefully repatriating them to Kigali.

Although up to now no one has come forward with compelling evidence about the real identity of the administrator of the Facebook page RPF Gakwerere, which has over twenty eight thousand followers, pro-Rwandan government media outlets like Virunga Post allege that Ugandan journalist Obed Katureebe, who is said to be a relative of the late Col. Patrick Karegeya, might be the man behind the eyebrow-raising posts.


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