Rwandan Socialite Dies Mysteriously, Poison Cited In Her Strange Death

 Rwandan Socialite Dies Mysteriously, Poison Cited In Her Strange Death

By Ivan Mwine

A popular Rwandan socialite who was identified as Salsa Shemsa, died over the weekend under questionable circumstances and many of her pals suspect she could have been poisoned.

Shemsa, who had been prying her trade between Kigali and Kampala, developed health complications on Friday and was rushed to a hospital in Kigali, where she was pronounced dead shortly after admission.

According to close pals, Shemsa developed abdominal pains while in Kigali and before long started vomiting profusely.

Gone too soon: Salsa Shemsa (RIP)

She was given some medication but when her health condition continued to deteriorate, her parents rushed her to a hospital in Kigali, where she was quickly put under intensive care although she unfortunately didn’t make it.

Sadly, it is said that she died in her parents’ because they were there with her all the time until she breathed her last.

We have since established that Shemsa’s body was laid to rest at a cemetery in Kigali on Sunday at a funeral that was attended by family members and a few close friends.

The exact cause of Shemsa’s death has however not yet been established because the circumstances surrounding her demise are rather difficult to explain, especially   because she hadn’t complained of any illness prior to vomiting and suddenly dying.

Shemsa was well-known both in Kigali and Kampala,  especially because  she usually crisscrossed between the two cities on business errand and merrymaking sprees.

She was a renowned member of a popular Facebook group known as ‘Let’s Share Ideas’, whose membership spurns across East Africa and beyond.

May her humble soul rest in eternal peace.

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