S3x, Money Wars Cited In Lydia Jazmine & Mulindwa’s Parting Ways

S3x, Money Wars Cited In Lydia Jazmine & Mulindwa’s Parting Ways

By Ivan Mwine

Famous Ugandan songbird Lydia Nabawanuka Popularly known as Lydia Jazmine this week bitterly parted ways with her now former manager Ronnie Mulinda.

Jazmine, who has been under Mulindwa’s management for a long time, stunned many people a few days ago when she said during a TV interview  that she no longer has a manager and that henceforth she is going to be managing herself.


“I don’t have a management and I have never had a management team ever since I parted ways with Bushington. Don’t ask me about Ronnie Mulindwa cause I won’t say anything about him. Just watch the space, very soon am going to parade a brand-new ride which is far better than a Benz.”

Ronnie Mulindwa is said to have parted ways with baby mama Sharon O because of Lydia Jazmine

The statement came after word circulated that Mulindwa had confiscated the Mercedes Benz he had given Jazmine to ease her movements whenever she is going to perform.

However, Moles privy to the matter reveal the main reason why the two parted ways was because Mulindwa was mixing business with pleasure and wanted the lion share of her sweat.

Moles reveal that for a long time Jazmine and Mulindwa  have been arguing over money, especially over who should take the lion’s share from her bookings.

It is said that although Jazmine expected to take the biggest share, on so many occasions Mulindwa had ended up pocketing the lion share, claiming that the money is for her upkeep.

Moles also intimate that on top of pocketing the lion share, Mulindwa had turned Jazmine into some sort of Plaything to quench his lusty thirst whenever and wherever he feels like.

It should be recalled that Mulindwa parted ways with his baby mama Sharon O some time back and the reason pals gave for their separation was because he was juggling her with Jazmine, something she couldn’t stomach.

So, Moles reveal that after some, when Jazmine sat down and reflected upon her life, she realised that she was being used both ways and couldn’t bear the rip off anymore so she decided to throw in the towel and quit Mulindwa’s management.

It is however not yet clear whether he will allow her to have copyrights for the songs she ha released under his management although that’s a story for another day, so just watch the space!



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