Sad: Musician Napoleon Of ‘More Money’ Fame Dead

Sad: Musician Napoleon Of ‘More Money’ Fame Dead

By Ivan Mwine

Uganda’s music industry has been hit by catastrophe following thee demise of one of the country’s legendary musicians popularly known as Napoleon.

Real name Asiimwe Innocent, Napoleon, who was based in Njeru township, Jinja city, became famous in the early 2000s  after he released a song titled ‘More Money’, which was a one-hit-wonder.

Although since then he had never released another hit, sources in Jinja reveal that Napoleon remained an active musician who has been performing at functions and  several bars in Eastern Uganda.

This is how Napoleon looked after drugs and booze had taken a toll on him

Although  it is not yet clear  what killed him, preliminary reports indicate that he developed health complications while at his brother’s home in Kampala  yet there was no one to rush him to hospital so he collapsed and died.

However, close pals reveal that he had a raging thirst for booze and unbranded cigarettes, which they suspect could have weakened his internal organs, hence the health complications.

It should be noted that during his heyday Napoleon was one of the Ugandan artistes that were cherished by ace music producer Steve Jean, although the two are said to have parted ways because of smoking and drinking habits.

More details coming up soon!

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