Sad: Socialite Rwivanga, Mbaabali Son’s Baby Dead As Top General Insists She Must Dump New Lover

Sad: Socialite Rwivanga, Mbaabali Son’s Baby Dead As Top General Insists She Must Dump New Lover

By Ivan Mwine

Popular socialite Jackie Porsche Rwivanga, who is city businessman Andrew Rugasira’s ex-wife and baby mama, is so sad and blue after she recently lost her newborn baby.

Moles close to Rwivanga, who is also the proprietor   of popular city hangout spot Drew & Jacs Bar, reveal that she is currently inconsolable following her loss of her child, who was her first born with Meddy Mbabaali, who is son of troubled businessman Hajji Muyanja Mbabaali.

‘She  has lost a lot of weight ever since the tragedy happened because she lost appetite, no longer wants to have friends around and she is  so devastated by the loss of her baby,” a close pal who preferred anonymity said.

Jackie Rwivanga and Meddy Mbabaali on their baby shower

We revealed a few weeks ago how Rwivanga had hooked up  Meddy Mbabaali and he had ballooned her, after she had spent several years on freelance romping and merrymaking, following her divorce with Rwivanaga.

However, although the two had enjoyed themselves to the extent of making a baby together, Moles reveal that is suffering a lot of stress from a powerful army officer, who was deeply close with her before she hooked up with Mbabaali.

Moles reveal that the said powerful army officer  at the rank of General was opposed to their relationship from the word go and tried as  much as possible to talk her into dumping Mbabaali but she refused, something that left him very unhappy with her.

So, on top of grieving the loss of her child, it is said Rwivanga’s problems have been worsened by the General, who keeps reminding her of the good things and favours he used to  give her before she hooked up with Mbabaali.

According to insiders, among the favours Rwivanga was receiving from the General was ‘protection’ at her  Forest Mall based Drew & Jacs Bar, which used to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown before government had lifted the ban on bars.

We also hear that the General had paid rent for the bar for three  years upfront such that tycoon Stanley Isiagi, who is her landlord at Forest Mall, would stop stressing her with reminders about paying monthly rents bills.

Family Portrait: Andrew Rugasira and Jackie Rwivanga with their children before they divorced

Besides the rent and ‘protection’ at the bar, Moles reveal Rwivanga also had personal guards and exclusive access to all offices and or service providers she required either in Uganda or beyond borders.

However, all these favours were withdrawn the moment the General learnt about her romping with Mbabaali although things between them worsened when he learnt that she had conceived   for him.

But Moles who sympathise with Rwivanga reveal that although she has three children from her past marriage with Rugasira, what worries her most is that she badly wants to have a child because she is nearing her menopause yet she can’t produce a child with the General since he is married.

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