Salvado Lives Large Amidst COVID-19 Kayasi, Buys Sleek Range Rover As Fellow Comedians Yawn

Salvado Lives Large Amidst COVID-19 Kayasi, Buys Sleek Range Rover As Fellow Comedians Yawn

By Our Reporter

Popular Kampala comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado is living large despite the COVID-19 Kayasi, yet several of his fellow comedians are grassing and yawning.

It should be noted that comedians, musicians and other artistes no longer earn money because bars, night clubs and other hangouts where they used to perform were closed by the government in March this year, as one of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

However, whereas most comedians are languishing in poverty, our  Snoops reveal that Salvado is flossing and swelling around town like nothing ever happened, but it is all because of  the job he scooped at tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s Sanyu FM, which makes him smile all the way to the bank at the end of each month.

Salvado and wife Daphne Frankstock, besides them is the sleek Range Rover

We are told that ever since he was employed by Sanyu FM,  Salvado has undergone a total overhaul in his life, whereby he recently acquired a new  monster Range Rover which is silver black, pimped up his crib in Najeera, on top of shopping for some new clothes, because his bulging tummy could no longer fit in the old clothes.

Besides that, Snoops say Salvado has also upped romance gears for his lovely baby mama Daphne Frankstock, who wears a huge smile these days as a result of the endless gifts he keeps showering her with.

Salvado scooped the Sanyu FM job a few months ago after the former radio staff led by James Onen aka Fat Boy staged a strike to protest Management’s proposal to reduce a percentage of their salaries so as to meet the company’s financial demands amidst the COVID-19 global economic crisis.

However, when Fat Boy and others rejected the proposal to reduce their salaries, Management, led by the radio station’s Managing Director Rajiv Ruparelia, gave all of them marching orders, before embarking on massive recruitment.

That was how Salvado, who presents the ‘Sanyu FM Breakfast Club’ together with Deedan Muyira, Yvonnte Koreta and others joined the radio station.


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