Sandra Needs Professional Help-Daniella Speaks Out On Weasel Baby Mama’s Rants

Sandra Needs Professional Help-Daniella Speaks Out On Weasel Baby Mama’s Rants

By Ivan  Mwine

Musician Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim has revealed that her brother-in-law Weasel’s Rwandese  baby mama Sandra Teta needs professional help to save her from the psychological problems she is suffering currently, because she is oblivious of the danger she is headed for.

Daniella, who was speaking in reply to Sandra’s rants on social media, said that there are many people like Sandra who don’t know that they need help and that people around them should come to their rescue.
Sandra Teta and Weasel enjoying themselves during their heydays

It all started when Sandra shared a video on her social media platforms, in which she rants at Daniella and singer Buchaman’s wife Claire Nangajja aka Mama Ghetto, who she assures to keep out of her family affairs, because she never interferes in theirs.

In the said video, Sandra faults Daniella and Mama Ghetto for posting on social media about her family affairs without even taking the trouble of giving her a call to discuss the matters with her.

This is not the first time Daniela Atim is warning Sandra Teta aka Mama Thea about Weasel’s domestic violence, she did the same thing in 2020

Sandra said; “I really appreciate the efforts of Daniela Atim and Mama Ghetto. However, I ask them to step down off my family issues. Whatever campaign they are doing is based on rumors and speculations because non of them bothered to reach out to me”

She  added that; “I really want them to stay out of my family business because I can handle it as Teta, because in this whole campaign you’re bringing down the brand Sandra Teta which I worked so hard to build.”

However, in reply to Sandra’s rants, Daniella said thus;

“Of course, I have seen Sandra Teta running her mouth speaking gibberish while living in Utopia. And that’s completely ok and not surprising.

This is exactly why she needs us all; Sandra needs as much Grace as we can all offer her. Let us be patient with her, let’s keep encouraging her and even hyping her. We all know she needs it now.

Nobody expects it to be easy for her. In fact, we sympathize with every Sandra and only hope that they snap out of it just in time for us all to celebrate.”

It should be noted that Sandra was last week relocated to Rwanda courtesy of the Rwandan embassy, after her parents travelled to Uganda and demanded that Weasel surrenders her to them, instead of subjecting her to domestic violence.

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