Sangoma Medi Moore Arrested, Caged In S. Africa

Sangoma Medi Moore Arrested, Caged In S. Africa

By Ivan Mwine

Fresh news  that has just landed on our news desk is that flashy Sangoma Medi Moore, who is part of Katsha De Bank’s  TMT group, is languishing  in a jail in South Africa after he was arrested a few days ago.

Although details about the charges Sangoma Medi is facing are still scanty, our Moles in South Africa reveal that they rotate around bonking his ‘patients’ under the auspices of using his Smart Wire to inject herbs into them, as is it’s a needle!
Medi Moore having fan at a Marina in Dubai

Well, apparently, like many Ugandans in South Africa, Medi is a Sangoma (which is the term used to describe   traditional healers) and to earn a living they have to heal patients or clients by giving them herbal concoctions and fetishes.

Medi Moore is former Bukedde TV star Flavia Namulindwa’s close pal

However, in most cases the Sangomas end up cheating their clients by duping them through giving them herbs that don’t solve their problems, which inevitably becomes a police case.

Medi Moore with pals on a boat cruise in Dubai

But sources reveal that there is another group of Sangomas who use their Smart Wires to ‘administer’ the herbs into their female client’s Sumbies and this is what  could have landed Medi in  problems according to his pals.

Medi, who is in the leagues of Katsha De Bank, Cameron Gitawo and other Sangomas, is known spend heavily and live a lavish life whenever he returns to Uganda for holidays.

Sangoma Medi Moore in South Africa

He lives large, drives posh cars with personalized number plates and sleeps in plush apartments, although his exact line of business is a mystery to many.

Moles reveal that when he is not in Uganda for holiday, Medi often travels with his pals  to Dubai, where  they chop money without fear or favour to anyone, after which they return to South Africa to do their hustle.

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