Sangoma Medi Moore Hooks Up Gorgeous NTV Star Lynda Ddane

Sangoma Medi Moore Hooks Up Gorgeous NTV Star Lynda Ddane

By Ivan Mwine

If word from  our Moles is anything to go by, then bubbly NTV star Lynda Uwamahoro ala Lynda Ddane will doon bee off the shelf.

Our Moles reveal that Lynda is deeply involved with South Africa based  Ugandan Medi Moore.

The Moles reveal that Lynda and Medi have been enjoying themselves behind the scenes for several months and after realising that their relationship is ripe for the public eye, they have since decided to get engaged.

We are told the couple is  planning to hold a private engagement ceremony in a few days’ time, which will be followed by a Kwanjula (introduction ceremony) and wedding in due course of time.

The Moles intimate that Medi and Lynda met last year when she travelled to South Africa for a short holiday and since then he has been sweet-talking her until she accepted  to hook up with him.

Gorgeous Lynda Ddane in South Africa last year

The Moles reveal that preparations are underway for Lynda to travel to South Africa such that she can hook up with her Prince Charming.

It should be noted that although Lynda has in the past been linked to several men among them TV scribe Calvin D Entertainer, Fik Fameica, she has never come out to publicly admit dating any of them.

However, the chemistry between her and Medi is so intense that her close pals reveal he is the only man giving her sweet day dreams nowadays.

Fik Fameica with bubbly NTV star Lynda Ddane

On the other hand, we guess you  all recall Medi; he is the Ugandan ‘businessman’ who was some time back arrested in South Africa over allegations of   fleecing dime from  some women through his Sangoma services.

However, it is said that he was released a few weeks later by the S. African police on court bail as investigations into the matter continue after he denied the allegations.

Medi, who close friend with other Ugandan Sangomas in S.Africa like Katsha De Bank and Cameron Gitawo, is known spend heavily and live a splashy life whenever he returns to Uganda for holidays.

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