Saracen Guards Break Into UNHCR Offices, Steal Cars Worth Hundreds Of Millions

Saracen Guards Break Into UNHCR Offices, Steal Cars Worth Hundreds Of Millions

By Ivan Mwine

Two Saracen (U) guards Saracen, who are suspected to have broken in offices belonging to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), from where they stole two cars worth hundreds of millions of shillings are being hunted by the police.

According to police spokesperson ASP Fred Enanga, the Territorial Police in West Nile and Arua have intensified the hunt for the two, guards, who abandoned their guns and disappeared from their guard point at the UNHCR offices on December 14, 2021.

The facts indicate that a group of thugs broke into the UNHCR offices located at Yumbe Road in Mindreba village.

“They vandalised the CCTV cameras and robbed two high value vehicles from the parking yard that included a Toyota Landcruiser Double Cabin Pick-up registration  number UBE 496B  and an Ambulance Toyota Landcruiser UBK 403M under registration number UBE 496B and UBK 403M respectively.  A third motor vehicle was vandalised and left in the parking,”Enanga said.

He added  that; “The vehicles were tracked down and established to be in the North Eastern DRC.  An alert was sent to our counterparts who impounded and parked them at Arua Police Station.”

It should be noted that each year, cars are stolen and driven into the North Eastern DRC, where they generally remain.

The proximity of West Nile to the North Eastern, DRC and the strong demand for 4WD vehicles are two contributory factors to the theft of motor vehicles from Ugandan.

Efforts are now in place through Interpol, to have the two high value vehicles, transferred to Uganda.

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