Sasha Brighton Replaces  Loverboy Shonga With Pallaso

Sasha Brighton Replaces Loverboy Shonga With Pallaso

By Ivan Mwine

Whatever is cooking between singers Sasha Brighton and Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso is surely steamy and sweet!

As you read this, word is going around that Sasha and Pallaso are so inseparable these days that they could be mistaken for Siamese twins, because of spending most times together these days.

Although Moles intimate that the two could be working on a new music project, some of their pals contend that Pallaso could be Sasha’s ‘dangerous substitute’ following her bitter separation with city Loverboy Herbert Shonga.

Sasha and Shonga were until  a few months ago deeply and madly in love, whereby they painted the city red with their passion until it evaporated in thin air.

Pallaso with sexy Sasha Brighton

Their short-lived affair collapsed after Shonga decided to reunite with his then estranged wife and mother of three, Dorothy Shonga, who had officially divorced him and hooked herself a new dude.

Shonga had reportedly pumped a lot of dime in Sasha’s music career to the extent that she had featured him in some of her music video as a token of thanks; but their separation left her so devastated that many of her friends feared she could do something bad to herself.

However, things seem to have changed ever since  Pallso came into her life, because he has since made her forget all the heartache and stress she was subjected to by Shonga.

Sasha Brighton with Herbert Shonga before they split

Actually, whereas Sasha was so sad and blue a few months ago, these days she wears a beaming smile and bobs around town with the gait of a woman who is satisfied with whatever she has in life.

It should be noted that ever since Pallaso separated with his American wife identified as Nicole Hayman, with whom he has two kids, the singer has not been known to officially date any babe.

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