Scandal: Ex-MP Kantinti Splits With  SK Mbuga’s  Former Side-dish Namawa

Scandal: Ex-MP Kantinti Splits With SK Mbuga’s Former Side-dish Namawa

By Ivan Mwine

 Renowned politician Apollo Katinti, who is the former Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East county, is shedding buckets of tears following a bitter split with his wife Shamim Namawa, who is socialite SK Mbuga’ ex-lover.

According to our Moles, Namawa, whom Kantinti reportedly snatched from SK Mbuga a few years ago, has become a terrible thorn in his backside, yet she was once his  sweetest rose.

Moles reveal that trouble between the once passionate lovers  started in late January this year, after Kantinti accused Namawa of allegedly making off with land titles for five properties, which include that of their residential home in Kabowa, a Kampala suburb.

Apparently, Namawa took the land titles somewhere  for safe custody, claiming that Kantinti is not of sound mind and has no capacity to keep   the land titles in his possession.

Shamim Namawa posing next to Apollo Kantinti’s poster

It is said that Katinti, who has kids with Namawa, became so furious with her that he chased her out of his home, vowing that she shall not return unless she produces the land titles.

 Moles reveal that she took the matters to Kabowa Police and when  they failed to handle the marital wrangle, they forwarded the  case to Katwe Police Station, where the Family  and Child Protection Unit advised them to settle the issue amicably, although that has since failed.

Their neighbours in Kabowa reveal that Kantinti’s home has since turned into a battle zone of  sorts, where war erupts whenever he tries to chase away Namawa, although she keeps coming back.

Namawa however claims that the reason she took away the land titles was for the good of her children, because Kantinti wanted to sell the properties so as to cover debts he incurred when he lost the Kyadondo East M seat to National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in 2016.

Shamim Namawa when she was still a dancer

She also alleges that ever since he lost the election Kantinti has resorted to heavy boozing to the extent that he needs to be booked into a rehabilitation centre.

But Kantinti refutes all her allegations, asserting that this is a plot she is hatching up to illegally take over possession of his properties.

It should be recalled that before Kantinti hooked up with Namawa she was a renowned dancer with the now defunct Maisha Dancers group.

Shamim Namawa with GNL Zamba and other artistes during her days as a dancer

It was during that time that she was linked to SK Mbuga, who was then said to be pumping a lot  of dime into her career, although Kantinti later swept her off her feet and turned her into his baby mama.

Watch this space for details about this blistering marital scandal!

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