Scandal: Finance Trust Bank Boss In Bitter Split With Hubby Over Juju, HIV

Scandal: Finance Trust Bank Boss In Bitter Split With Hubby Over Juju, HIV


By  Exposed Uganda

A top Ugandan banking executive is involved in a bitter marital split with her husband over juju or witchcraft and HIV/AIDS, and it is likely to become deadly if authorities do not get involved as quickly as possible.

Annette Kiggundu, who is the Executive Director of Finance Trust Bank, is currently at loggerheads with her husband Nicholas Kiggundu, the father of their three children.

The marital wrangles between the couple have become so violent that a few days back, a gang of yet to be identified  men attacked Kiggundu at his home, vandalized the entire house and made off with several valuables and important documents.

The thugs vandalised Kiggundu’s home and fled with vital documents

He claims the attackers are linked to his now estranged wife Annette, with whom  he had been married for over two decades, but separated with her after he discovered that she was practicing a  lot of Juju at their home and had allegedly tested positive for HIV but had hidden the truth from him.

The shocking revelations were manifested by Kiggundu himself, who wrote to Facebook blogger Kakensa on October 7th, 2020 thus;

“I would like  to help me out before I loose my life in a 24 years old marriage with one Annette Kiggundu, the Executive  Director of Finance Trust bank.

We had three girls in this marriage  but things changed when I found fetishes “amalogo in the house coupled with  coming back at in the morning.

Finding Hiv result slips in the house. They have coupled with  the  her mother one Namagulu Christine and one Musa, an office messenger who works with UBA the Nigerian  bank and the new husband.

The door to Kiggundu’s bedroom was ripped open by the invaders

Annette Kiggundu decided to leave our marital house and bought a new house in Kitende on Enttebe Road. She went ahead and took the kids with her. Yesterday killers  broke my house during day time at around hoping to  find me inside because  ever since covid started my business  slowed down  and I decided I should  manage it from home.

She has always been  sending threats that she will hire people to” clear me” I will be great full if Kakensa media comes to my rescue.”

They rummaged through all his stuff and left clothes strewn on the floor

However, it is not yet clear whether Kiggundu has since reported the matter, although our efforts to contact Mrs. Kiggundu for a comment about the matter were futile by press time, since she couldn’t be reached through her office line.

Nicholas Kiggundu’s post on Facebook about his plight

But we shall keep you posted about the updates as soon as we get in touch with her for her side of the story.

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