Secrets About Dude Chewing Tycoon Lwasa’s Wife Angel Unearthed: He Is Married & Cheating On Wife

Secrets About Dude Chewing Tycoon Lwasa’s Wife Angel Unearthed: He Is Married & Cheating On Wife

By Ivan Mwine

City tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa  must be seething with anger wherever he is in America, after a video in which a dude was filmed chewing his wife Angel Candy Kwankunda’s lips leaked and went viral on social media.

In the said video, Angel is seen ferociously swapping saliva with a dude as the two enjoyed themselves at  popular city hangout Nomads Bar.
Footage from the video shows Kamulegeya chewing Angel’s lips

 Only God knows whatever else they enjoyed that night in the absence of Lwasa after leaving Nomads, and whether they did it at his crib or spent the night in a hotel.

However, Moles have managed to positively identify the dude who is chewing Lwasa’s Angel and reveal that he lives in America, where he is married.

Tycoon Lwasa with wifey Angel during their heydays

According to Moles, the dude been only identified as Kamulegeya and that he used to host a programme  on Bukedde  TV before he relocated to America some time back.

But that is not the interesting bit; the Moles also reveal that Kamulegeya is a married man who got wedded with his fiancée a few days ago before he returned to Uganda to feast on Lwasa’s Angel.

Angel’s side-dish Kamulegeya with his wife

In essence, Kamulgeya, is cheating on his wife with another man’s  wife, which is becomes a typical case of adultery.

Moles intimate that Angel and Kamulegeya hooked up some time back and they had been communicating on social media for several months until he flew into the country a few days ago and they linked up to quench the burning thirst for each other.

It should be recalled that Lwasa hooked up with Angel in a 2019  after he had fallen out with his former lover  Diana Nabatanzi, who  works with BBS TV.

He later held a lavish traditional marriage ceremony with her, which heralded the start of their newly found love, although  going by what is happening between them currently, their marriage seems headed for disaster.

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