Secrets Emerge: How Kenzo Hooked Up New  Babe After Being Dumped By Rema

Secrets Emerge: How Kenzo Hooked Up New Babe After Being Dumped By Rema

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated award-winning musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo, who separated with fellow singer Rema Namakula after she was snatched by Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, is nowadays enjoying the company of a very sexy model cum dancer identified as Belinda Myra Flukiger.
According to Moles Kenzo, who was some time back very sad and gloomy because of loneliness, is these days wearing a beaming face and looking every inch of being satisfied with life ever since he hooked up with Belinda, whose secrets our Moles have since unearthed.

Kenzo’s new catch: Belinda Myra

Kenzo is spending so much time with Belinda to the extent that many of his fans on social media have started gossiping that she could be the one he decided to replace Rema with, although very few people know how  the two met.

According to our Moles, the two met at Kenzo’s Big Talent studio  sometime last year where Belinda had gone to record a song, a few weeks after he had returned  from West Africa and they have been together since then.

Moles reveal that Belinda, who hails from Jinja, is born to a Ugandan mother and a Swiss father, although she has been studying abroad.

Eddy Kenzo and new catch Belinda Myra sharing a meal on the same plate

Her mother is a Muteso lady identified as Monica Maira who hails from Pallisa District although she is currently based in Jinja, while her Mzungu hubby (Belinda’s dad) is  Friedrich Flukiger.

Sources at Kenzo’s Big Talent studio told our Moles that Belinda is a multi-talented sexy belle, whereby she is not only a singer and songwriter but also a superb dancer.

She previously recorded a collabo titled ‘Ready’ with dancehall stars A-pass and  Bright D, although she has worked on several other music projects.

Rema Namakula with new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya

We are told she recorded a full album at Kenzo’s Big Talent studios but he has since barred her from releasing any song off it, probably because he has  to first promote her as a brand such that she can easily be acceptable to Ugandan music lovers.

Rema Namakula is unperturbed by Kenzo hooking up a new babe

However, although Kenzo has not  yet come out to officially unveil sexy Belinda as  the one who will fill the void that Rema left in his heart,  many of his fans have observed that he is too close  for comfort with her, to the extent that many are convinced there is chemistry between them.

Eddy Kenzo and Belinda Myra on a night out

It should be recalled that Kenzo has been braving cold nights for a long time ever since he was dumped by his baby mama Rema, who decided to flee their home in Sseguku, off Entebbe Road, with their daughter Amaal Musuuza, who is currently being raised by her new hubby, Ssebunya.

Ssebunya and Rema flew to Dubai two months ago for a love-filled holiday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where they are enjoying themselves without fear or favour to anyone.    

However, the couple that held a glamorous wedding inn 2019 is yet to produce a child together, although Ssebunya has other children from his past relationships.

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