Secrets Emerge: Kusasira, Balaam Beefing Over Shs110M Loan

Secrets Emerge: Kusasira, Balaam Beefing Over Shs110M Loan


By Mable Nakibuuka

New secrets that have just reached our news desk indicate that the beef that is raging between National Resistance Movement (NRM) diehards Catherine  Kusasira and businessman Balaam Barugahara stems from Shs110m which the events promoter lent to the singer. revealed how Kusasira is spitting fire at Balaam, who she accuses of being allegedly a bad-hearted and greedy man.
Loan agreement that Catherine Kusasira signed after borrowing money from Balaam Barugahara

However, our sources reveal that the bad blood between the two started last year after Kusasira borrowed Shs110m from Balaam  and staked her vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, 2019 Model CBA-URJ 202W as security, but she found difficulties when it cam to servicing  the loan and Balaam  threatened  to attach her vehicle, although she later managed to save it by paying up.

Word coming in indicates that it was after Balaam mounting pressure on Kusasira to refund all the monies she borrowed with interest thereon that  the singer has since started going around mudslinging him.

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According to documents accessed by ExposedUganda, Kusasira on August 6th, 2019 signed a loan agreement which indicates that she borrowed Shs110M from Balaam with intent to boost her business.

According to the Loan Agreement, Kusasira was meant to fully service the said loan before September 30th, 2019,  which she strenuously serviced, thereby  saving her vehicle from being distressed by Balaam.

It is said however that after  paying the loan as agreed, instead of appreciating Balaam for helping her, Kusasira has since resorted to spreading negative propaganda against him, yet in all her utterances she does not mention anything about the loan, or  the fact that he helped her at one time, something that has left many eyebrows raised.

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