Secrets Leak: How Isaac Kays Is Chewing Sexy TV Stars Like Popcorn

Secrets Leak: How Isaac Kays Is Chewing Sexy TV Stars Like Popcorn

By Ivan Mwine
Popular Sanyuka TV star Isaac Kawalya aka Isaac Kays, who co-hosts the Morning Express, a celebrity gossip show, has reportedly turned various television stations into hunting grounds for bearded Meat!

Although he might appear small and short, our Moles reveal that Kay is a very big man in several female TV presenters’ hearts and that he has over time swam deeply into some of their Rivers Between.

Isaac Kays new catch Mildred Tracy

According to our Moles, Kays is currently said to be swimming in the juicy River Between of a Sanyuka TV presenter identified Mildred Tracy, the presenter of She Talk, who is warming his nights these days.

We are toldĀ  that Kays recently unveiled Mildred as his better half and that ever since he was released from Kitalya Prison over the Omulangira Suuna saga the two have been enjoying passionate moments.
However, whereas he is currently reportedly feasting on Mildred’s Sumbie, Moles reveal that she is not the first TV star in whose River Between Kays has swam before.

Sexy Betina Sengooba is Kays’ former lover

Apparently, before Mildred came into the picture, Kays was swimming in the River Between of another sexy TV presenter identified as Betty Betina Ssegoba who is currently presenter at BBS Telefayina.

But those who know Betina reveal that she was too much for Kays too handle, because of her relentless desire, hunger and love for the Big Cassava.

It is said that at the time Bettina was sampling Kays with her Sumbie, she was also juggling him with renowned herbalist Kojja Kitonsa, among other guys, although she has since hooked up another dude.

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