Secrets Of Sheba Kassami’s New Lover Mwandha Unearthed

Secrets Of Sheba Kassami’s New Lover Mwandha Unearthed

By Ivan Mwine

The long-hidden secrets of Timothy Mwandha, the city businessman who snatched once flashy socialite Jack Pemba’s wife Sheba Kassami, have been unearthed.

According to our Moles, Mwandha, who is aa wealthy businessman running  a GPS car tracking company is very loaded according to close pals and is these days ‘literally’ spoiling Sheba with all the niceties that money can buy.

However, prior to hooking up with Sheba,  Mwandha was married to a veteran city banker identified as  Lillian Byarugaba but they developed problems after she learnt about his affair with Sheba.

Lovebirds Sheba Kassami and Timothy Mwandha snogging passionately

Moles reveal that on learning about his romping with Sheba, Lillian decided to revenge by also hooking herself a Side-dish, who was her boss then.

It is said that a bitter marital war erupted between Mwandha and Lillian, which ended up with their marriage hitting rocks.

Mwandha’s ex-wife Lillian Byarugaba

The two are currently involved in a fierce divorce battle that has been raging on for years, with the fight over the property they acquired during the time they were still married at the forefront of their war.

Sheba Kassami passionately hugs Timothy after he gave her a bouquet

Mwandha is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3D Services, a car tracking company located in Kisasi, which started a few years back and has since grown into a multibillion venture.

He is said to have been the first person to introduce vehicle tracking in Uganda and has made a kill out of it.

Mwandha also deals in real estate business and technology at a bigger level, which has helped him win so many contracts with government entities to supply technology related services.

His close pals reveal that Mwandha doesn’t like being in the lime light but when he chooses to spend, he does it on a big scale, whereby he sometimes gives open bars to revellers at city bars where he hangs out.

He is said to have a mansion in Bunga where he used to stay with Lillian but he has since relocated to another bungalow in Muyenga where he lives with Sheba and has reportedly pumps lots of dime in her SKP Fashion House, on top of ensuring that she never lacks anything.

Sheba’s ex-lover Jack Pemba with his new catch

Some sources claim that he has even helped her clear off some of the debts that Pemba incurred using her name such that the debtors can stop stressing her.

On that  comes on the heels of information circulating that the couple is planning to  officially wed in a few months’ time after Mwandha reportedly scored a Live Penalty after dripping  the Ball in her Wetland for a long time ever  since  he snatched her from Pemba.

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