Secrets Of Tycoon Majwega’s Widow Halima And Museveni Brother Toyota Emerge

Secrets Of Tycoon Majwega’s Widow Halima And Museveni Brother Toyota Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

As the country continues to mourn city businessman Samuel Kironde Majwega, who passed away over the weekend at a hospital in Louisiana, USA, more secrets are streaming in about his love life, which was rather very tumultuous.

In our last briefing we revealed to you  that Majwega had two wives identified as Stella Majwega  (first wife) and Halima Majwega aka Diamond Majwega (the second wife).
Halima Majwega with Toyota, on phone is Mukasa Mbidde

Well, according to our Moles, it  so happens that although he loved Halima so much, she  turned out to be a piece of headache for him, because of her endless merrymaking sprees.

Moles reveal  that Halima was  renowned party animal in Kampala who used to enjoy rendezvous with dudes in Kampala whenever Majwega was  in America or abroad on business trips.

Halima Majwega with Toyota and Mbidde during a party at a hotel in Kigo

One of the prominent  city dudes that Halima enjoyed cozy rendezvous with is businessman Michael Nuwagira aka Toyota, who is President Yoweri Museveni’s younger brother.

Moles reveal  that Toyota and Halima were so close to each other to the extent that they used to grace  exclusive hangout spots around town and sometimes would go for private parties together.

At one time Halima and Toyota went for an exlcusive party that was attended by mainly members of the First Family and former EALA MP Mukasa Mbidde, which was held at luxurious hotel in Kiggo, off Entebbe Road, where they enjoyed themselves without fear or favour to anybody.

Majwega’s first wife Stella with their son

It was not long before news about Halima  enjoying life unsparingly with Toyota reached Majwega and he was not amused not all but because he was  tied up with business, he had no choice but to endure the headache.

It is said that it was because of her endless merrymaking sprees with city dudes that Majwega was forced to buy her a house in America, where he relocated her with their children because he could no longer stomach her ways and wanted to have some peace of mind.

Halima Majwega, widow of Samuel Majwega (R)

However, Toyota is not the only man that was giving Majwega headache  over Halima, because there was also a top Ugandan musician in her life.

But that is a story for tomorrow, so please watch this space.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway to repatriate Majwega’s body to Uganda for proper burial but there is still a bitter row between his widows Halima and Stella as each of them struggles for the right to spearhead his funeral and burial.

It should be noted that Majwega, who was the proprietor of MK Publishers and Avance International University, was also the Katikiro of the Mbogo clan in Buganda.

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