Secrets Why Angella Katatumba Can’t Find Husband: Singer Acts Like Man In Bed

Secrets Why Angella Katatumba Can’t Find Husband: Singer Acts Like Man In Bed

By Ivan Mwine

Shocking secrets why singer Angella Franklin Keihongani Katatumba, who  has been in a multiplicity of relationships cannot settle down with one man have finally been unearthed.

It should be noted  that Katatumba, who is 33 years old and nearing menopause  has dated several men over the years but many of them keep running away.

It is also important to note that Katatumba took over her late father tycoon Boney Katatumba’s vast business empire as heiress but alas! She has no child and doesn’t show signs of producing one soon.

That means that the Katatumba empire is likely to be passed on to another person when she passes on, although that’s a story for another day.

But that aside, Moles reveal that Katatumba has over the years  dated several men but for reasons best known to her, they all run away at some point after romping with her.

However, according to the Moles who have talked to some of her ex-lovers, the main reason why Katatumba’s lovers flee her bed is because she behaves and acts like a man in bed and at home.

The Moles who likened her aggressiveness in bed intimated that making love to the singer can only be equated to a vicious wrestling match, something that is not easy to withstand for a long time.

Besides her aggressiveness in bed,  the Moles also intimate that because she is wealthy Katatumba is so bossy that at home she acts like a man, ordering her lover around to do house chores, to the extent that where possible she can make him wash her panties.

To that effect, below is a list of the men that have fled from Katatumba’s life;

Daddy Andre

Katatumba and Andre, who have outed two songs together, broke up in 2020 after romping for several months, mixing business with pleasure.

Although she goes around saying that the reason why she dumped Andre was because he refused to go for an HIV test and that he wanted her to cook, Moles reveal that the main reason Andre scattered from her was because he couldn’t stomach her mannerisms anymore.

It was after Andre fled from Katatumba that he hooked up with Nina Roz, although she fought her viciously until their relationship collapsed.


This one is the man whom she hooked up after parting ways with Daddy Andre.

It is not clear whether she is still dating Green because word has it that she still lusts after Andre.    

Kuzi Kz

Around 2018 Katatumba hooked up with Jamaican singer Kuzi Kz with whom she released  a video titled ‘Out of My Head’.

Katatumba and Kuzi enjoyed themselves so ferociously during the time he was around that one night they got clobbered by waiters at a restaurant in Kabalagala who they insulted during a drunken stupor.

Her romping with Kuz however was short-lived because it ended soon after his return to Jamaica.

Newton NTO

This dude is a Ugandan rapper who was based in America although he was  reportedly deported some time back.

Newton  hooked up with Katatumba a few years after her marriage with Ward Alonzo had collapsed.

They dated for several years but never produced a child and when he got fed up of her bossy ways, he also called it quits.

Newton has since hooked himself another babe with whom he has a child.

Ward Alonzo

Katatumba was married to Ward Alonzo,  who was a USA marine for eight years while still in America but their marriage wasn’t fruitful.

Moles reveal that their marriage turned violent and they decided to divorce in 2013 and it was then that she relocated to Uganda.

Henry Banyenzaki

Katatumba was some years back said to be deeply involved with former minister Henry Banyenzaki, especially during the time when she relocated to Uganda from America.

During their heydays, Moles reveal that they would often be spotted around city hangouts enjoying coffee and at time just lounging.

Although theirs was a very secretive fling, it didn’t last long and following their separation, the two spent several years without crossing each other’s paths.

They later reunited again after he showed up for her late father’s funeral in 2017.

Jack Pemba

Katatumba was some time back deeply involved with Tanzanian playboy Jack Pemba.

But just like many of her flings, even Pemba, who is money-hungry and has a penchant for dating wealthy women, didn’t stay around her for long.

He was quick to scamper away for his dear life like goat running away from a beast!

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