Secrets Why Comedian Salvado Quit Sudhir’s Sanyu FM Emerge

Secrets Why Comedian Salvado Quit Sudhir’s Sanyu FM Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan comedian Patrick Idringi alias Salvado this week announced that he had thrown in the towel and decided to quit his job at Sudhir Ruparelia’s Sanyu FM.

At the time of his resignation,  Salvado had been hosting the Sanyu FM Breakfast Show together with  Deedan Muyira and Yvonne Koreta for almost two years, having joined the station after James Onen aka Fat Boy quit in 2020, citing poor pay.

However, although Salvado’s quitting Sudhir’s Sanyu FM is sugar-coated as a resignation, sources at the radio tell us otherwise.

Stanley Ndawula with Salvado and others during a tourist excursion

Our Moles at Sanyu FM reveal that there is a lot of rope-pulling at the station between employees and their bosses, something that has created a tensive environment at the workplace.

But the Moles reveal that for Salvado’s case it was worse, especially because he refused to cut ties with some people that are not in the good books of his topmost boss, Sudhir.

According to the Moles, Salvado’s refusal to cut ties with people like Stanley Ndawula and others cast him in bad light before his bosses, thereby creating  an unfavourable working environment for him, making it inevitable for him to throw in the towel.

It should be recalled that some time back Ndawula, who is Salvado’s close friend,  got involved in a bitter spat with Sudhir.

War between Sudhir and Ndawula started after the latter allegedly hired hackers to hack into a website   called The Investigator, which is owned by Ndawula.

Ndawula, known for his investigative news stories over the years, accuses Mr. Ruparelia and his son Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia of hacking into his Twitter, Facebook accounts and investigator website to release explicit photos of a young lady.

It all started in September last year when Ugandans on Social Media woke up to stories and photos alleging that Ndawula had supposedly leaked nude photos of a young girl, Aisha Mutesi, 21 aka Aisha Lee, purportedly for turning down his ‘sexual advances’ and financial ‘bribe demands.’

Later in the evening, Ndawula released a video, distancing himself from the trending sickening news.

Ndawula later claimed that his investigations had gathered that his Twitter account had been hacked, all particulars and settings changed before the hackers used it to circulate the young lady’s pictures attached to tens of different offensive stories.

He also announced that his Facebook and Gmail accounts had been hacked the previous day (Monday).

He accused Sudhir and Rajiv of masterminding the hack jobs.

In a statement he filed at the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) in Kibuli,  dated September 7, 2021, Ndawula accused Sudhir and his son Rajiv of alleged illegal access/hacking of his social media accounts and commission of criminal libel and offensive communication against his person, businesses and other people.

However, although it  is not clear how the case ended, their beef culminated into the arrest  of Sudhir’s Personal Assistant  (PA) Ussa Ssegawa, who confessed during his detention that he had been hired by the Meera Investments mogul.

Of course following what transpired and given his damning confession, Ssegawa couldn’t retain his job with the Meera Group of Companies.

However, despite whatever happened, Sudhir is still not on good terms with Ndawula, yet he is one of  the people Salvado was hobnobbing with, something the mogul couldn’t stomach.

It should be noted that the battle between Ndawula and Sudhir started after he (Ndawula) published a story of how the Meera Investments mogul used fraudulent means to acquire Simbamannyo House from Equity Bank during a dubious auction.

Watch this space for details!

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