Secrets Why FDC’s Dr. Stella Nyanzi  Fled Into Exile  Emerge

Secrets Why FDC’s Dr. Stella Nyanzi  Fled Into Exile Emerge

Former Makerere University research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi, of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), who recently lost the race for the Kampala Woman Member of Parliament, has since exiled herself to Kenya.

Reliable sources reveal that Nyanzi fled into self-imposed exile, claiming that she was being persecuted by some elements she suspects to be state security operatives.

Nyanzi’s allegations of political persecution were confirmed by her lawyer Prof. George Luchiri Wajackoyah, who cited political persecution by President Yoweri Museveni’s government.

However, sources close to Nyanzi also reveal that she tells pals that she was tortured together with her lover as she traversed the  city  canvassing for votes.

Dr Nyanzi lost the Kampala Woman MP seat to National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate city lawyer Shamim Malende.

It should be recalled that she was unceremoniously fired from Makerere University in 2018, is known for being one of President Yoweri Museveni’s most vocal critics, which saw her serve a lengthy jail sentence.

She was charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication in 2018 under Uganda’s Computer Misuse Act.

The rights activist had published a poem on Facebook, in which she ridiculed President Museveni’s departed mother Esiteri Kokundeka.

Following her 2018 conviction for cyber harassment and offensive communication, the American Bar Association’s Center for Human Rights revealed in a report that Nyanzi’s trial was marred by irregularities and violations of her rights. It noted that the court had failed to provide the defense with adequate time to call and present witnesses.

However, in February 2020 High Court Judge Henry Peter overturned the conviction, stating that the Magistrates’ court had lacked the jurisdiction to try Nyanzi and that she had not been given a fair hearing.

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