Secrets Why Lwasa’s Women Keep Running Away Emerge As Man Chewing Angel Is Positively Identified

Secrets Why Lwasa’s Women Keep Running Away Emerge As Man Chewing Angel Is Positively Identified

By Ivan Mwine

City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa  is a man who has had several women over time but for reasons best known to him many of them keep fleeing his marital bed.

The latest one to flee from Lwasa and go straying after another man is his new bride Angel Candy Kwankunda, whom appeared in a video that went viral on social media in which she is seen passionately snogging another man.

Well, before we take you on a journey to reveal how many women have dumped Lwasa and why they keep running away, let’s first of all unmask the man who is currently chewing Angel.

Angel’s new side-dish Abdul Kamulegeya was filmed chewing her lips

According to our Moles, Lwasa and Angel, who have a kid together, parted ways early this year after they developed irreconcilable marital woes that border on offside romps on both sides.

It is alleged that following their bitter split, Angel angrily fled Lwasa’s crib, taking along with her a new Toyota Harrier he had bought for her, plus over Shs70m and some household  items, to start up a new life.

Angel standing next to the Harrier Lwasa bought for her

Moles reveal that since then the two have been living worlds apart and recently when she heard that he had flown to America, she decided to hang out at a city bar with her new lover, who has since been identified as Abdul Kamulegeya, formerly a journalist at Bukedde TV.

The Moles reveal that Kamulegeya, who was filmed chewing Angel’s lips   without fear or favour to Lwasa, is a Nkuba Kyeyo based in California, USA, where he however has a fiancée.

 So, Moles reveal that he left his fiancée in California telling her that he was coming for a short holiday in Uganda, yet he was flying in for steamy romps with Lwasa’s wife.    

Why Lwasa’s Lovers Keep Fleeing

Lwasa, who is the proprietor of Club Tavern Kick and several other businesses in Kampala, Masaka and other parts of the country, is a very wealthy man whom every woman would like to marry, because he can literally provide everything.

However, the reasons why his women never stay around for long are yet to be discovered by expert researchers, because  here are some of the women he has been with;

Faith Kamatenesi

Lwasa with Faith Kamatenesi

She   is Lwasa’s first wife and the mother of his kids, although they parted ways years back after she accused him of endlessly cheating on her with several babes.

However, the last straw that broke Kamatenesi’s back was learning that Lwasa had hooked up with singer Desire Luzinda and that the two were enjoying steamy rendezvous in Kampala as she nursed Lwasa’s children.

Rwandese Babe

Lwasa with his Rwandese wife before she fled to Canada

Although little is known about her, Lwasa’s first wife was a Rwandese sexy babe (names withheld), who used to run his hardware in Bulaga, along Mityana road.

However, although they had children together, she  reportedly fled Lwasa’s home and relocated to Canada, after selling off everything at a giveaway price.

Moles reveal that she was forced to flee after learning that  he had hooked and secretly married Kamatenesi and that the two had to compete for attention from him.

Desire Luzinda

Lwasa dated Desire Luzinda for some time but she dumped him

The bootylicious singer has since relocated to America but before she did so, Desire dated several men in Kampala and among them was Lwasa.

Desire and Lwasa enjoyed themselves so ferociously around 2017 and during their heydays he not only made her the defacto boss of Tavern Kick Night Club but also gifted her with  a posh Mercedes Benz as a token of thanks for her Sweetness.

Lwasa enjoyed Desire’s Kitone so much that he forgot about his wife Kamatenesi in Masaka to the extent that he wasn’t even bothered when he heard that she had packed her bags and left. However, their fling with Desire didn’t last long and she   didn’t think twice about the decision to dump him.

Diana Nabatanzi

Sexy TV star Diana Nabatanzi also dumped Lwasa

After a long time of freelance romping, Lwasa later hooked up sexy BBS TV star Diana Nabatanzi, whose Goodies he enjoyed for several months.

At the height of their passion Lwasa used to fly Nabatanzi to Dubai and other countries for steamy romping sessions during which they would paint     the cities they visited red with passion.

But sadly, after a few months of enjoying each other Nabatanzi, who is one of Kampala’s renowned slay queens, dumped Lwasa, although he claims to have dumped her after  she refused to conceive for him.

It was after his separation with Nabatanzi that Lwasa hooked up with Angel, who has since parted ways with him despite having done what Nabatanzi refused to do; produced a child for him.

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