Secrets Why Sanyu FM’s Mugisha Dumped Baby Mama  Shibah To Wed US Based Lover Momo Emerge

Secrets Why Sanyu FM’s Mugisha Dumped Baby Mama Shibah To Wed US Based Lover Momo Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

Popular radio personality Roger Mugisha, who is the Programs Director at Sanyu FM, is currently  a newlywed, after tying the knot with his longtime lover Maureen Mbabazi aka Momo over the weekend.

Mugisha, formerly of the defunct Shadow’s Angels group,  walked  Momo down the aisle on Saturday at Watoto Church, according to our Moles,  and later the couple held a banquet at Sheraton hotel, where they hosted a few of their friends to a sumptuous feast.
Roger Mugisha and Momo on their wedding day

 However, although celebs like him usually hold flashy weddings, Mugisha and Momo’s wedding was so secretive that it took many of their friends, family members and relatives by surprise.

Actually, Moles intimate that many of his workmates at Sanyu FM and friends in social circles didn’t know about the wedding until they saw the pictures on social media.

Newlyweds Mugisha and Momo with some of their family members

But we can assure you that Mugisha and Momo had all reasons to hold a secret wedding, especially because they feared his baby mama and former lover Shibah Nassali  aka Shiba Richards would disrupt it.

It should be noted that prior to hooking up with Momo, who is based in America, Mugisha was living as man and wife with his  then baby mama, Nassali.

Shibah Nassali Richards with Roger Mugisha on their introduction day

The couple had been living together since 2015 when she introduced him to her parents at a colourful Kuhingira (Introduction) ceremony that was held at their home in Mbarara.

However,  it is said that a few years down the road, Mugisha and Shibah developed love woes that ended up with them separating in 2018, although they had produced two children together prior to that.

Moles intimate that the main cause of their separation however was Momo, whom Mugisha hooked up and later found to be very loaded to the extent that she could bankroll most of his needs.

It is said that since she is a loaded Nkuba Kyeyo, Momo easily convinced Mugisha to dump Shibah if he wanted to continue enjoying the love and financial support she was giving him.

So, in order to ensure that he could enjoy her wallet while savouring her juices at the same time, Mugisha decided to  dump Shibah like a hot potato and concentrate on servicing Momo’s Sumbie whenever she flew back to Uganda for short holidays and it was not long before he ballooned her.

Roger Mugisha admiring Nassali’s baby bump during their heydays

Moles intimate that when Shibah learnt about Mugisha and Momo’s affair, she became so furious  and therafter a lengthy sex war erupted between them, which ended in their bitter split.

However, Moles reveal that what hurt Shibah so much about her relationship and still hurts her to date is that Mugisha convinced her to use her campus tuition fees to finance their introduction ceremony, something she regrets to date.

But all that notwithstanding, Mugisha, who has been in a series of failed relationships, is currently enjoying Momo’s Goodies without fear or favour to anyone.  

In our next briefing, we shall unveil for you a shocking list of all the women that Mugisha has chewed and dumped over the years; so watch the space!

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