Secrets Why Tycoon Lwasa’s Ex-lover Nabatanzi Held Secret Kwanjula Emerge

Secrets Why Tycoon Lwasa’s Ex-lover Nabatanzi Held Secret Kwanjula Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

Secrets why city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa’s ex-lover Diana Nabatanzi held a secret introduction ceremony early this week have emerged.

Nabatanzi, who is a celebrated Ugandan TV star, shared on social media this week pictures of her introduction ceremony, in which she is seen cuddling with her yet to be identified new lover, while in others she is seen enjoying the moment with her pals.

Diana Nabatanzi’s new lover hiding his face from the camera

But in the pictures she shared, Nabatanzi made sure that her new lover’s face is hidden from the public and  she has since remained tight-lipped about his identity.

However, word from our Moles indicates that although she is a popular and very sexy TV star with a huge fan base, Nabatanzi was compelled to hold a secret Kwanjula because of matters beyond her control.

According to Moles, leaving the COVID-19  regulations that limit the number of people at weddings and other functions to 20, Nabatanzi had other reaons why she held a secret function and has since decided to keep the identity of her new lover a top secret.  

Moles reveal that the TV star still has an axe to grind with tycoon Lwasa, whom she feared would jeopardise the function or hire some goons to disrupt it.

Diana Nabatanzi with a pal at her function

So in order for the function to go on as planned, we are told the TV star had to keep mum about it and only informed a few trusted friends who she was sure wouldn’t leak the information to Lwasa or his minders.

It should be noted that Lwasa and Nabatanzi were said to be in a relationship some time back but last year they developed irreconcilable love woes that saw them part ways bitterly.

Following their bitter split, Lwasa, who was a few years back cannodling with singer Desire Luzinda, decided to hook up another slay queen identified as Angel Kawunda, who introduced him to her parents and relatives at a glamorous Kwanjula ceremony they held last year.

Tycoon Lwasa with his new lover Angel Kawunda

Lwasa and Angel have since gone ahead to update the world about the passionate moments by constantly sharing pictures on social media in which they are seen romancing.

When Lwasa dumped Nabatanzi, one of the reason he reportedly fronted was that she had refused to produce a child for him and instead concentrated on chewingb his dime.

But it is not yet clear whether he has already ballooned his new lover Angel or they still working day and night to ensure that they manufacture some babies.

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