Secrets Why Vivian Tendo, Yesse Oman Rafiki Are Fighting: It’s All About Her Sumbie!

Secrets Why Vivian Tendo, Yesse Oman Rafiki Are Fighting: It’s All About Her Sumbie!

By Ivan Mwine

Very shocking secrets about why singer Vivian Tendo is involved in a bitter fight with her former manager Joshua Kiberu aka Yesse Oman Rafiki, who is  a music producer cum singer have finally emerged.

According to our sources privy to the matter,  trouble between Tendo and Oman Rafiki started after she dumped him and decided to hook up with another dude, whom we are yet to identify.

It is said that when Tendo dumped Oman Rafik and shut down his access to her Thighland, he became so pissed  and decided to break ties with her, hence the threatening phone calls and WhatsApp messages he  has been exchanging with her in the past few days.

Vivian Tendo and Yesse Rafiki during their sweet days

According to our Moles, Oman Rafiki, who had been mixing business with pleasure by chewing the artiste he was   managing, couldn’t believe it when she  woke up one day and booted him from her legs.

The Moles reveal that Tendo’s mother was one of the few people who advised her to dump Oman Rafiki and move on with her music career after realising  that she had not released a song in a long time  yet he was emotionally and financially exploiting her.

It is for that reason that Oma Rafiki has no kind words for Tendo’s mother and the leaked WhatsApp audio is heard talking of how he doesn’t give a damn whether she dies or not.

Meanwhile, shortly after dumping Oman Rafiki and quitting his Route Music record label, Tendo has since dropped a new song titled ‘Bwolwawo’, which is doing rounds on  YouTube and radio stations across the country.

The new song ‘Bwolwawo’, for which she has already dropped the audio and is now working on the video, has already been treated to a warm reception by Ugandan  music lovers and is bound to be one of her big projects this year.

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