Self-Proclaimed ‘God’ Bisaka Finally Dies Of COVID-19, Goes To Meet His Real Creator

Self-Proclaimed ‘God’ Bisaka Finally Dies Of COVID-19, Goes To Meet His Real Creator


By Nellie Nakitende

Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka, a 91-year-old self-professed god and founder of the Ugandan cult, Faith of Unity, died of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Tuesday January 19th, 2021, and is already scheduled to meet his real creator, the Almighty God to explain how he became a god on earth.

Owobusobozi Bisaka claimed to have supernatural powers to heal all kinds of illnesses and said he was able to reunite people from all over the world.

His cult which has its origins in Kapyemi village, Muhoro Town council, Kagadi District, which is approximately 156miles west of the Ugandan capital, has over 2 million followers in the great lakes region of East Africa alone.

However, on Tuesday news circulated on social media about his death, although many of his believers didn’t accept it at first, since he had always claimed to be immortal.

But as of press time it had been confirmed that the latter succumbed to the deadly global pandemic COVID-19.

It shall be remembered that the deceased contributed a whooping Shs200m to the Ugandan National  COVID-19 Task Force, although that didn’t stop the virus from claiming his life.

Bisaka was reported to have collapsed months ago due to high blood pressure and was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital where he was monitored and nursed back to health.

Days before the presidential polls he was rumoured to be dead but all these were brushed off by his followers.

Bisaka was born on June 11th , 1930 at Kitoma Kiboizi, Bujuni parish. He desired so much to be a priest but never got a chance to fulfil his dream.

He later qualified as a teacher and started serving the Catholic Church as a choirmaster. Bisaka composed many catholic Lunyoro hymns which are still sung by Catholics to date.

In 1948, he failed being admitted to the Minor Seminary and that was when he changed his attitude towards church leaders.

He thereafter became a critic of the Catholic Church and finally announced his revelation in 1975.

It was that revelation that got him out of church completely and he began his own cult, declaring himself a god. His followers pray every 2nd, 12th and 22nd of each month.

However, Bisaka’s death was kept a secret from many Ugandans as it’s believed that it would have interrupted the presidential polls because he was an ardent supporter of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) who had rallied all his followers to vote for the party’s candidate.

Bisaka lost many of his followers when his son died after they wondered why he wouldn’t raise his own son from the dead if he was indeed a god.

It remains to the ruling party and Ugandan government as to when it intends to break this tragic news.

We have established that his body was transported to Mbarara hospital for post-mortem where it was confirmed that he had succumbed to COVID-19 and burial arrangements are under way to lay his soul to rest.


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