Sex Scandal: Former Kampala RCC In Trouble For Snatching KCCA Councilor Namusisi From Another Man

Sex Scandal: Former Kampala RCC In Trouble For Snatching KCCA Councilor Namusisi From Another Man

By Ivan Mwine

The outgoing Kampala Residential City Commissioner (RCC) Hudu Hussein has been accused of allegedly snatching a house wife, married last week.

 Hudu, who is the newly appointed Yumbe Residential District Commissioner (RDC), was last week introduced by Hon. Shamim Namusisi, to her parents, at a very secretive function that was only attended by the pair’s close associates.
Yumbe RDC Hudu Husseing snatched Hon. Shamim Namusisi from Ibrahim Ssewanyana

After the introduction ceremony the couple held an Islamic wedding ceremony (Nikkah), which means that they are officially husband and wife.

It has however emerged that Namusisi, who is a Lord Councilor at the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), is a baby mama for Lameck Ibrahim Ssewanyana, with whom she has a daughter.

Moles reveal that Ssewanyana, who all along didn’t know that Namusisi was juggling him with another man, almost  collapsed when he saw pictures of his baby mama and RDC Hudu on social media.

It should be noted that Ssewanyan contested for the position of LC 3  Kampala Central Division and lost in the past general election.

Shamim Namusisi with Ssewanyana and their daughter before Hudu snatched her

According to Moles, Ssewanyana and Shamim have been together since their high school time at Old Kampala S.S.S and until he learnt about her being banged by Hudu, the poor chap had all along thought she is the  love of his life.

Pals reveal that during  the past general election, Ssewanyana and Namusisi were so inseparable whereby they often graced each other’s campaign rallies as they canvassed for votes.

According to Moles, it was during that time that Sewanyana introduced Namusisi to Hudu, because as National  Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates in Kampala, the pair thought they required extra security from the RCC.

But little did Ssewanyana know that Hudu would end up literally stabbing him in the back by snatching his baby mama Namusisi.

Moles reveal that Ssewanyana, who is bedridden at Friends of China Hospital Naguru, where he underwent an operation two weeks ago, only got to learn about Hudu having snatched his baby mama from the media and he almost slipped into comma because of being so heartbroken.

Watch this space for details.

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