Sex Scandal: How Ecobank Boss  Evicted Husband Out  Of Marital Home

Sex Scandal: How Ecobank Boss Evicted Husband Out  Of Marital Home

By Mable Nakibuuka


A few months back, there arose a property battle between businessman Hamza Ssendiwala and his now estranged wife Aisha Najjingo Muwanga, daughter of city tycoon Bulaim Muwanga Kibirigge aka BMK.

Snoops intimate that Najjingo, a senior official at the Parliament Avenue based Ecobank head office, had packed her belongings and left their marital home in Mbalwa, Kiira Municipality, over marital wrangles with Ssendiwala.

For over five months the once lovely couple engaged in battling court cases until Najjingo overpowered Ssendiwala and thrown out of the couple’s Mbalwa house basing on documentation presented to the relevant authorities.

It is alleged that the two built the house using a mortgage loan which Najjingo secured from Ecobank where she works as Relationship Manager Corporate Bank.

However Ssendiwala used to claim that he financed the loan fully by giving back the money to Najjingo since it was always deducted from her account.

It is established that with all the loan arrangement Najjingo had the title of the house registered in her names.

It was upon that background that Najjingo managed to use the law to throw Ssendiwala out of the house and she is now in control of the house.

However, Ssendiwala retreated back to his mother’s home in Namasuba to start a new life again.

Sources say that currently he is undergoing counseling because of the trauma he endured at Najjingo’s hand.

We have learnt that Ssendiwala’s family has vowed never to allow their son reunite with Najjingo.

We hear they refused the idea of pursuing the property ownership claims through courts of law because of unavoidable repercussions.

Najjingo is Relationship Manager Corporate Banking at Ecobank where she has worked in different capacities since 2013. Sendiwala and Najingo hooked up when they were still students in the UK where she was pursuing her Masters degree in Information Systems Management. The two wed in 2012 at Kibuli mosque in a colorful ceremony.

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